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Foreign Travel Guide-Why Travel Insurance (And World Travel Updates)

Traveling to a foreign country can be a most stimulating adventure. However, before one packs your carry-on bag, digs out your passport and heads off to the international airport, there are serious issues that one needs to addressed before you venture beyond the sanctuary of the safe and friendly borders on the United States of America.

A lot of the privileges we all take for granted in the United States may immediately vanish once you leave American soil in route to a foreign land. While in the United States, we sometimes take for granted the liberties, freedoms and securities we have as American citizens. When we cross the borders of a third world country, or even to an industrialized European country, many rights and securities we take for granted in the US will change considerably when we venture into a foreign land.

So before you trot off to a foreign country sporting your favorite travel hat, your passport and your travel bag, you need to make sure you are prepared to deal with any unexpected medical or legal  problems that may arise. One needs to consider that your present medical insurance coverage will offer limited coverage abroad or may even disappear. One needs to have a general understanding of the laws of the foreign country you are traveling to and who to call upon when unexpected issues arise that you did not consider in your rush to board the international flight.

YOU COULD LOSE MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE- If you go to a foreign country, the medical facilities will probably be below standard to what one expects in the USA. If you have a medical condition potentially subject to the needs of special medical attention, you need to discover the location and the reliability of the medical care available in the foreign country you will be traveling. Obviously, you should make sure to carry with you sufficient prescription medication and also refill prescriptions from your treating doctor. Also, it is wise to carry a letter from your US treating doctor outlining your medical condition and the various medications he has prescribed.  And it goes without saying, be sure to carry your medication in the pharmacy labeled container.

Your group medical insurance may or may not cover unexpected medical issues that may arise, or offer very limited coverage. Some medical insurance policies will pay for any medical expenses incurred while you are out of the country. However, very few medical insurance carriers will pay for the cost of transporting  their insured back to the United States, and the expense of oversees medical transportation would be well over ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, if you are depending on using medicare or medicaid coverage your coverage will cease once you leave the United State boarders.  If you are going to be without medical insurance, then the only alternative is to purchase supplemental travel insurance policy and the cost for comprehensive coverage normally runs around five percent of the total cost of your trip. For more information on the issue of travel insurance, go to the state department website below and you will also find a list of established supplemental insurance carriers. Just visit the state departments website at:  . Alternatively, check with an established travel insurance agent. ( See Travel Guard Below -For Customized Foreign Travel Insurance Packages)

YOUR AMERICAN DUE PROCESS RIGHTS WILL CHANGE- Also, remember, once in a foreign country you will be at the mercy of that country's laws.  And if the authorities assert that you have committed a crime under their law, then you will be prosecuted in that country, and subject to their laws of jurisprudence.. A crime that may be considered a misdemeanor in the US may be a major crime in your foreign country that you are visiting. An individuals due process rights in a foreign country are quite different than ones due process rights guaranteed in the US.  In many countries you have no guaranteed right to legal counsel, and you may be presumed guilty until you can prove that your not guilty. Note that the United States has embassies in almost every foreign country. It is imperative to have the phone number, foreign address and the email  address of the US embassy in any foreign country you are traveling.  And contact the local US embassy immediately, even if you suspect legal problems with the local foreign authorities. Go to the state department website above where you can discover the address and phone number of the US embassy in the foreign country you will be traveling, and be sure to retain a list of the contact details with you at all times.

THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT WANTS TO PROTECT US CITIZENS ABROAD- Lastly, the United States wants to advise, protect and guarantee the safety and security of US citizens traveling abroad. It's wise to register the specifics of your trip with the US State Department at: Note the state department's toll free number accessible twenty-four hours a day at: 1-888-407-4747. (Also, Check out the wealth of information available at the US State Department site above (just go to home page),  and there you will find a a guide to the status of any foreign country, including the present safety status of the country and any warnings of a dangerous environment. The state department site will also provide you with a wealth of valuable information about the foreign country to which you are traveling). You can also register your trip with the state department at the above site, and in the unfortunate event occurs at home, your relatives can call the toll free number above and you will be contacted pursuant to your registered information.  Also, there is a page on  ones passport to record critical medical or personal contact information. And it only takes a minute to record. 

The vast majority of foreign travelers rarely have major problems abroad. However, it is prudent to plan ahead in the event that any unforeseen medical or legal emergency manifest itself in a foreign land.  And, hopefully, the most you will have to be concerned about on your foreign travel adventure is just a little jet lag and some minor sunburn.


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