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Tickets to David Letterman:

A few years ago my wife and I traveled to New York City, and the Manhattan area, Times Square. My wife was attending a medical seminar at the Double Tree Hotel, right there overlooking Times Square. We had a great corner room at the Double Tree on the twenty-first floor of the hotel, and every night there was an endless row of yellow cabs as far as you could see. There were amazing shops, restaurants and theaters in every direction.

While my wife attended her seminar, I decided to do my own tour of NYC, and I spent most the day just walking the blocks in and around Times Square. It was fall and the weather was perfect. I've traveled quite a bit, and the Times Square area is one of the most interesting places I have ever been. I'm convinced that seventy-five percent of the walking traffic were actually foreign travelers.

Just a few block away from our hotel was the world famous entertainment boulevard, Broadway. Along Broadway you will see one majestic theater after the other, and many magnificent hotels,restaurants and shops, as you will see throughout Times Square. There is the occasional street vendor, and everyone seems to be in a big, big hurry walking to who knows where. I just walked slowly taking it all in, and doing my own private tour.

While approaching the 1700 block of Broadway, between West 53rd and 54th street, I came upon the historic Ed Sullivan Theater, the same theater that produced the Ed Sullivan TV variety show every Sunday night during the 1950's and 1960's. It has the same stage where Elvis, The Beatles and many others became international sensations on prime time TV. The Ed Sullivan Theater is now home to the nightly David Letterman Show.

Walking by the theater I noticed a sign on the sidewalk- “Tickets to David Letterman Here”. Being a country boy from Tennessee you do not get to walk the streets of Manhattan every day and I thought -why not stop and get a couple of tickets to The Letterman Show while we were in the big NYC. So I walked into the lobby of the Ed Sullivan Theater, in hopes of getting a couple of tickets for an upcoming show.

Sitting at a desk in the center of the theater lobby was a young gentleman, not handing out tickets, but handing out applications. The gentleman handed me an application, and I sat down in the adjacent waiting room with a couple of dozen other folks, filed out this detailed application and returned it to the young man. And returned to my seat in the waiting room.

A few minutes later a young brunette female with thick glasses walked into the room, she called my name and told me to come with her. We went to a connecting room, where we were all alone. She took a seat at her desk, and I took a seat across from her. Before she said anything, she took a little time to review my application, and then she proceeded to tell me about the slection process.

She explained to me that only a relatively small percentage of the applicants are “selected” to be in the David Letterman audience, and that she needed to ask me a few questions. The first question, “Mr Burlison..what do you like or do not like about David Letterman”. Knowing I was damned if I said anything negative, I said, “Well you know..I like those ten deals he does every night..The ten answers to a daily question”. She replied, “ you consider yourself a fan of David Letterman”. And I obviously replied, “Well..Sure”. Again she questioned, “ Mr Burlison..would you consider voting for David Letterman if he ran for president”. Not sure where this was going, I said “I Just Might”. And she continued, “Would you consider naming you first son after David Letterman”. And I'm now starting to sweat and I reply, “Young lady not only would I name my first son after David Letterman (my name's David), If David Letterman was walking next to me along Broadway and about to be hit by a bus, I'd jump right in front of that bus to save his life”. She sits silently and proceeds to review my application again. After almost a minute she rises with a serious face and I also rise. We shake hands and she verifies my contact number and tells me I will only be contacted if I'm one of the few to be “selected”. As I walked out of the theater and continued my Times Square tour, I wasn't real confident in how things went, but I had given it my best shot.

Lo' and behold, the next morning, I got a call from one of David Letterman's staff and the young lady informed me that we had been one of the chosen few to be in the audience. I guess I said the right things. The lady told us when and where to report that very night. My wife and I arrived on time and enjoyed a very interesting show. In closing , it was a great experience for this Tennessee country boy alone in Times Square, Manhattan and I appreciated the invitation. And, in all honesty, I did exaggerate just a little bit about the interview process, but not too very much.

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