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In most of the US states during the month of July and August people are looking for a cool shade tree to hide from the sweltering heat and humidity, patiently waiting for the cool breezes of the fall to arrive.  Fourth of July gatherings are a nice place to gather, enjoy friends, and devour a big helping of barbeque. However, the problem is that those one hundred degree afternoons in the summer heat during the middle of August are just hard to deal with.

An enjoyable way to escape the heat and humidity of August is to plan an August vacation to the pacific northwest, specifically Seattle and the San Juan Islands. Even in the middle of August, on any given night in Seattle, it is wise to go out on the city with a comfortable sweater or jacket, and just enjoy the cool night air. Day time high temperatures huddle around the mid to high seventies and after the son goes down it is hovers around the low to mid sixties, with a nice ocean breeze.

If your traveling from the east, the first thing you will observe in your descent to Seattle is the massive snow cover Mount Rainer, and the view from the plane is such that you can almost touch the snow covered mountain.  And the view of the  snow covered Mount Rainer will assure you that cool nights are ahead. Seattle and the San Juan Islands have plenty to offer any heat weary traveler for more than a couple of  weeks of vacation. Seattle's famous Pike's Street Market (maybe the largest flea market in the world), is truly amazing. And you will enjoy the quaint  restaurants along the Puget Sound shores, and of course, Starbucks coffee (based in Seattle), and a whole lot more to the heat weary traveler.

However, in mid-August, take a close look at the San Juan Islands northwest of Seattle. The San Juan Islands are a group of over 150 islands scattered in the Puget Sound just northwest of Seattle. The islands are nestled between Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia,Canada. The San Juans are actually a part of the state of Washington, and as you go further northwest, the neighboring islands become the property of British Columbia, Canada. The main four islands are The San Juan Island, Orcas Island (named after the Orca whale), Lopez Island, and Shaw Island. San Juan Island and Orcas Island are the most traveled by tourist.

All of the four islands discussed are accessed by a short trip on one of the Washington State Ferries, with boarding in Seattle and other surrounding communities. Most people will rent a vehicle after un-boarding there flight into Seattle and then travel about an hours drive to the northwest to Anacortes, Washington, a town much to offer in itself for a couple of days. And lots of nice bed and breakfast accommodations are available in Anacortes.  From Anacortes you will board a car ferry to the San Juan Islands. You can actually take one of the car ferries all the to Sidney, Vancouver Island, Canada. (The trip to Sidney and Victoria, BC is another great summer trip in itself). The cost for the ferry trip,including your car, is just around $50 US to travel the entire trip to Sidney.  Travelling on foot is much cheaper.

The ferry trip is actually like a mini-cruise. You drive your vehicle onto the ferry, then you just park your vehicle and walk the stairs or elevator to the upper-deck seating. Once in the upper-deck seating area, you will find a wide open seating area with nice cushioned seating and large picture window views to enjoy the spectacular views as you ferry to the northwest and to the San Juan islands. The ferries also offer a nice cafeteria/cafe and you can enjoy a meal and drinks as you enjoy the views. Just relax, prop up your feet and enjoy the sights, read a book or whatever, as the ferry proceeds to land at each of the major four islands on its way to Victoria. The ferry ride to the entire distance of Sidney, British Columbia is completed in a couple of hours, and the views are amazing along the way .  It is a wonderful time to just relax and enjoy the tranquility of the moment, and especially enjoy your escape from the hot humid summer..

As you ferry approaches each of the islands you will observe quaint island towns and the mountain cliffs rising from the ocean. Most who travel the San Juan Islands will actually rent a room in one of the quaint bed and breakfast inns.There are numerous bed an breakfast accommodations, and they all offer roomy, well attired accommodations, with an wonderful day-starting breakfast. There are a couple of traditional hotel/resorts, such as The Orcas Hotel, on Orcas Island, or The Rosario Resort and Spa , if you are not in to bed and breakfast.

Just spend your days enjoying the lovely islands and exploring the ocean side villages and all they have to offer. You will experience uncrowded drives along the ocean,  whale watching parks, quaint old lighthouses, and one magnificent view after the other. In the small ocean side towns you can explore quaint gift shops, that offer local crafts and art works. And there will be a number of quaint local restaurants overlooking the ocean, where you can order fresh steamed clams cooked in a white wine sauce, in wine recently harvested from one of the Washington vineyards. And where ever you go you will find friendly natives, offering you a warm welcome to their community, and always willing to offer travel tips and advice about the islands.

So on your next summer trip, why not plan a vacation to the Pacific northwest, Seattle and the San Juan Islands. Just unpack your fall sweaters, board on a plane in August and get ready to enjoy the cool day and nights in the Pacific Northwest. 

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